Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Architecture of Science

The Architecture of Science Published by MIT Press

The essays are organized into six sections: "Of Secrecy andOpenness: Science and Architecture in Early Modern Europe"; "Displaying and Concealing Technics inthe Nineteenth Century"; "Modern Space"; "Is Architecture Science?

The Architecture of Science
Author:"Peter Galison"| Published on 1999 by MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262071901/0262071908 | en | 573 pages | BOOK |

How do the spaces in which science is done shape the identity of the scientist andthe self-conception of scientific fields? How do the sciences structure the identity of thearchitect and the practice of architecture in a specific period? And how does the design of spacessuch as laboratories, hospitals, and museums affect how the public perceives and interacts with theworld of science? The Architecture of Science offers a dazzling set of speculations on these issuesby historians of science, architecture, and art; architectural theorists; and sociologists as wellas practicing scientists and architects. The essays are organized into six sections: \. The Architecture of Science was ranked 26 by Google Books for keyword Architecture.

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