Wednesday, September 28, 2016

PDF | Experimenting with Humans and Animals

Experimenting with Humans and Animals
Author:"Anita Guerrini"| Published on 2003-06-02 by JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801871979/0801871972 | en | 165 pages | BOOK

Ethical questions about the use of animals and humans in research remain among the most vexing within both the scientific community and society at large. These often rancorous arguments have gone on, however, with little awareness of their historical antecedents. Experimentation on animals and particularly humans is often assumed to be a uniquely modern phenomenon, but the ideas and attitudes that encourage the biological and medical sciences to experiment on living creatures date from the earliest expression of Western thought. Here, Anita Guerrini looks at the history of these practices from vivisection in ancient Alexandria to present-day battles over animal rights and medical research employing human subjects. Guerrini discusses key historical episodes, including the discovery of blood circulation, the development of smallpox and polio vaccines, and recent AIDS research. She also explores the rise of the antivivisection movement in Victorian England, the modern animal rights movement, and current debates over gene therapy.--From publisher description.. Experimenting with Humans and Animals Book was ranked 22 by Google Books for keyword Animals.

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