Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baby Smarts- PDF Book Online

Baby Smarts
By:"Jackie Silberg"
Published on 2010-02 by

Babies don't need expensive toys-just this book and you! Did you know? A baby's brain is 250% more active than that of an adult. The networking of the brain's synapses is nearly complete after the first three years of life. Engaging your baby in stimulating experiences encourages brain development and paves the way for successful learning in the future. Visual stimulation enhances babies' curiosity, attentiveness, and concentration. Your baby's best toy is you! Interact with your baby as much as possible. Filled with developmental games based on the latest brain research, Baby Smart help you build your baby's brain power, one activity at a time! Baby Smart is divided into four chapters, each representing a three-month period. Each chapter begins with a chart to help you anticipate and activities develop and reinforce the skill babies need to reach those milestones. Each activity in Baby Smart uses common materials found in the home - there's no need for expensive toys or props. Roll a ball to a baby to develop muscle coordination. Sing songs and talk to your baby to develop language abilities. Create patterns with cereal boxes or blocks to develop math skills. Every activity in Baby Smart builds the foundation for future learning!

This Book was ranked 23 by Google Books for keyword baby.

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