Friday, April 17, 2015

Rosemary's Baby- PDF Book Online

Rosemary's Baby
By:"Ira Levin"
Published on 2011-05-10 by Open Road Media

Now an NBC miniseries starring Zoe Saldana Rosemary Woodhouse and her struggling actor husband, Guy, move into the Bramford, an old New York City apartment building with an ominous reputation and mostly elderly residents. Neighbors Roman and Minnie Castevet soon come nosing around to welcome the Woodhouses to the building, and despite Rosemary’s reservations about their eccentricity and the weird noises that she keeps hearing her husband takes a special shine to them. Shortly after Guy lands a plum Broadway role, Rosemary becomes pregnant, and the Castavets start taking a special interest in her welfare. As the sickened Rosemary becomes increasingly isolated, she begins to suspect that the Castevets’ circle is not what it seems . . .

This Book was ranked 13 by Google Books for keyword baby.

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